• Easyorder for the office products industry
    ECi EasyOrder eCommerce for the office supplies industry
    ECi EasyOrder® eCommerce software is the system of choice for companies operating in the Office Supplies Industry who want a cost effective standard application but with bespoke capabilities.
  • Easyorder for the food service industry
    ECi EasyOrder eCommerce for the office supplies industry
    ECi EasyOrder® eCommerce software is a perfect fit for the Food Services Industry where companies need to keep on track of the changing demands of their customers and suppliers.
  • Easyorder for the industrial services industry
    ECi EasyOrder eCommerce for the industrial services industry
    ECi EasyOrder® eCommerce software is well-suited to businesses operating in the Industrial Services Industry who are constantly looking to further optimise their business processes and need to focus on delivering savings.
  • Easyorder for the manufacturing industry
    ECi EasyOrder eCommerce for the manufacturing industry
    ECi EasyOrder® eCommerce software will help busy manufacturers to further streamline their ordering processes.

Are you looking for an effective e-commerce solution that will cut costs, increase efficiency and improve customer service?

To compete in today’s modern world, businesses need constantly to re-evaluate their relationships with customers. Success is maintained by anticipating and responding to customer needs in an efficient, reliable and timely way.

eCommerce allows you to take your business beyond the limitations of time and geographical boundaries and it is commonplace for businesses to have a website and some form of online ordering. However, it is only businesses that create a flawless and successful shopping experience for their customers that enjoy the sales, loyalty and repeat business that will help them to achieve significant business growth.

EasyOrder is a solution capable of combining state of the art ecommerce features with a customer self-service portal and is already used by 1.3m users every day across Europe.

ECi Software Solutions are ecommerce specialists and we are well placed to create a web shop that is able to grab the attention of visitors and set you apart from the competition; it is based on a standard platform that is robust, scalable, secure and affordable.

Who is using EasyOrder?

In excess of 1.3 million users in more than 22 countries enjoy the benefits of EasyOrder every day. Companies including Ahrend, Akzo Nobel, Bavaria, BührmannUbbens, Bruynzeel-Sakura, Despec, Dyka, Ecotone, Foox, GOP Iberia, Hanos, Item, Londis, Musgrave, Quantore, Royal Talens, Sikkens, Spar and Staples benefit from error-free online ordering, data exchange and transaction messaging.

Why choose EasyOrder

A standard solution like EasyOrder is the cheapest, most reliable and most effective way to implement an online order system. EasyOrder is being used throughout Europe in a variety of industries, not only as a web shop for customers (B2B), prospects and consumers (B2C) but also for order management and optimization of internal procurement processes.

We have a track record delivering ecommerce solutions that are:

  • Goal driven
  • On-time and on-budget
  • Perfect fit
  • High volume capable
  • Truly scalable
  • Market leading
  • E-marketing / SEO friendly

Key Benefits of our solutions

  • Efficiency – lowers transaction costs
  • Cost reduction – reduces ordering errors
  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Expands market opportunity
  • Increases turnover

Summary of EasyOrder


More than 1,300,000 people use it on a daily basis in various industry-sectors. Over 250,000 orders are processed every week.

Completely Independant

EasyOrder may be configured to be fully-integrated to your Business System or can work completely independently of any ERP system - you choose

Perfect for both B2B and B2C

EasyOrder works well in both the B2B and B2C arenas. Orders can be received via a web application and/or exchange of files from other systems, hand-held terminals, mobiles and smart phones.

Unrivalled Performance

EasyOrder is available on Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminating the need for hardware investment.


Food Service Industry

ECi EasyOrder is used by a growing number of wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the Food Service and Hospitality industry across Europe.

Read about how Musgrave Wholesale foods adopted EasyOrder in 2012 having identified the opportunity that the internet offered to improve their services.

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ECi EasyOrder can be customised to fit your unique business needs and we operate in the following industry sectors.

Office Supplies

  • ECi manage and maintain over four-hundred web environments 24 hours a day
  • Indepth industry knowledge means that we know exactly what you expect from an electronic web application

Food Service

  • ECi EasyOrder is widely used by a growing group of (manufacturing) wholesalers in food services. These companies have activated many thousands of users, each with their own product range, prices and conditions. Every day, these clients place a huge number of orders using the various EasyOrder applications

Professional (Industrial sector)

  • ECi EasyOrder is a preferred solution by businesses supplying industrial goods such as pumps and ducting.


  • A specially developed product configuration tool will let you customers configure their product choices and send the orders directly to you from within the application.

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Innovative Solutions

Latest Technologies

Developed for IBM i, ECi EasyOrder runs on IBM Power systems. This offers highly scalable and virus resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency which in turn allows us to enhance our software in response to modern day requirements.

The popular Software as a Service (SaaS) model means you need never worry about maintenance – our hosting platform is subject to constant review and enhanced accordingly to ensure that your system performs at an optimal level. We can offer performance far superior to anything you could provide yourself within an acceptable budget.


We do not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We treat each customer as an individual. We know that businesses all operate differently and our powerful software solutions are fully customisable to your unique business needs and processes.

Why EasyOrder

  • Standard application with rich functionality
  • Tailored to fit your specific business processes
  • State of the art Java and XML technology
  • Unrivalled performance, stable and reliable
  • Excellent track record and references
  • Maintenance-free, no need for specialist staff
  • Operates independently of your ERP system
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Powerful reporting allows you to profile your customers more effectively
  • Links to over 40 ERP systems and other applications
  • Supports punch-out (Ariba/I2) as well as links via web services
  • Multi-lingual/Multi-currency

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Our Customers

ECi is committed to your success. We work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to ECi EasyOrder.

A dedicated Consultant will be assigned to your business. This individual is responsible for ensuring your success and helping you maximise your return on investment with ECi EasyOrder.

ECi EasyOrder maintenance includes unlimited telephone and online support, and all software updates.

A selection of our customer sites:

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