Success Story: SPAR

Retailer supplying to 800 supermarkets


Retailer Spar needed a system that could handle high volumes of transaction-related communications from its head office, distribution centres as well as their external suppliers (direct and via crossdocking). Supplying about 800 supermarkets in the Netherlands, Spar uses EasyOrder as an order management system.

Shops compile order lines using a hand scanner. Upon order intake, the scanner also checks whether a product is in the existing range and whether it is a special offer product in the coming week (promotional order).

In response to demand from retailers like Spar, we have developed new functionalities in EasyOrder to fit their particular business requirements. These include the ordering and delivery scheme which Spar operators use to view when they should place an order for a specific product group and delivery date. Shopkeepers can review past orders of any product over a period of time; this helps them manage their buying plan more effectively.